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Island Taste / Island Style / BBQ..


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BBQ Chicken   $8

BBQ Beef        $9

Combo              $10

All order come with rice or potato salad & Chopsuey..

Coming Soon Menu

*Talo/ Taro..   

*FA'i/ Banana..

*Mamoe/ Lamb..

*Mulippi/ Turkey tail..

*Sosisi Pua'a/ Pork Sausage..

*Fasi Pua'a/ Pork ..

*Luau/ Taro Leaf..

*Oka/ Raw Fish..

*Kaleve/ Gravy..

*Kale/ Curry..

(2) Items $8

(3) Items $9

(4) Items $10

(5) Items $11

All order including taro, banana, chop-suey or curry or gravy..

Free Delivered up to 5 miles!!!

Buy 5 or more plates is free delivery up to 15 miles.